Ralph’s Coffee and Bar.

Ralph’s Coffee and Bar.

Ralph’s Coffee and Bar is nestled into Ralph Lauren’s 173 Regent Street store. Set into Regency Style Architecture with Portland stone in the Beaux Arts approach to urban design as is all of Piccadilly, Regent Street, Oxford Circus and Oxford Street, Ralph’s has an impressive effect. Immediately this coffee shop and bar has a sleek, classy, old school feeling. 

Ralph’s is pure American, old school glamour with it’s dark wood panelled walls and brass-topped bar encompassing a mirrored wall of classic bottles. Bartenders sporting pristine white jackets greet you instantly to seat you. The décor is a clear tribute to Ralph Lauren’s trademark ‘equestrian sensibilities’ particularly the themed art hung all around the walls.

We visited Ralph’s for breakfast on a Monday morning so naturally coffee was the first thing on the agenda. The custom blend coffee specifically for Ralph’s was incredible and definitely a good reason to return. The food was fantastic and throughout our stay the customer service was extraordinary making the experience even better.

With the opening of Burberry’s “Thomas’s” attached to their regent street flagship a 5 minute walk down the road from Ralph’s it’s interesting how retail is taking advantage of the ‘experience’ that we now so desperately crave as modern consumers. The experience of walking into Ralph Lauren’s Coffee and Bar transports it’s customer to the old classic hollywood glamour and all american image that the brand is built from. Irrespective of whether or not the customer has purchased any clothing from the brand Ralph Lauren are now reaching out to cement relationships and loyalty with current customers but also targeting a new consumer who would perhaps rather spend their disposable income on an experience rather than clothing. Not to mention the ‘Instagram moment’ that both cafe’s provide as free marketing.

I will most definitely be returning to Ralph’s and I hope I have inspired some of you to pay them a visit too!

Scout xo

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